- Upington -

The Spitskop Nature Reserve

The Spitskop Nature Reserve was named after Spitskop, an impressive granite koppie just outside the small town of Upington.

Consisting mainly of sandy flats interrupted by two rocky outcrops, the Spitskop Nature Reserve is worth a visit not only for its game, but also for the dazzling flower carpets covering its sandy plains after the summer rains each year.

Game species in Spitskop Nature Reserve include red hartebeest, eland, zebra, gemsbok, steenbok and large herds of springbok.

Typical bird species found here are ostrich, kori bustard and Namaqua sandgrouse.

Visitors can travel on good gravel roads while watching game. For the more energetic there are three hiking trails, varying in length, with an overnight hut. At the Spitskop (the koppie) there is a sheltered viewpoint equipped with a telescope.